Sunday, April 09, 2006

Fare Thee Well, Wish Thee Back

Her fingers leapt off mine
Like a butterfly from a shaken petal,
And the cab raced away
Squelching my farewell beneath the tyres.
Were tears outbrimming my eyes?
Or was it the dust bothering them?
If I closed my eyes
Would the dust or tears clear away?
Or better still, could I
Have her come back to me again?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Following Walden

Walden went to the woods
And so will I,
To watch the time and birds
Just float me by.

I will sleep on a tree
Or in some cave,
And with my life the way
To heaven pave.

I will write songs on trees
With twigs and nuts,
And drink the sap oozing
From the bark’s cuts.

I will bathe in rivers
Lashing with pebbles,
And in doing so create
Rippling rebels.

I will dig, I will fill
And lie on earth.
I will hide, I will walk
And savour my mirth.

One day I will pass on
Across the cloud,
While my body lies in
A moist leafy shroud.