Wednesday, May 25, 2005


You shed the world’s clothes
And showed me your uninhibited self
With a titanic faith in me
And the nakedness you saw me in.

Now that the storm we faced
Is mellowed by the rain of Time
I look above questioningly
Hoping to find an unfogged answer.

“Is this not love only because
Love must roll like a clockwork?”
This question I throw unbound
Into the heavy grey sky.

And like the unattended phone
The echoes of my question keep ringing
Then the clouds slowly start raining
As though in mocking reply to me.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

In the Parliament of Love

In the Parliament of Love
It was the Question Hour.
I sat among the many
Listening to those in power.

When all of a sudden my
Mind came by a prickly doubt
And I raised it with a hand
And an all-shushing shout.

"You, the ruling coalition
Of the Mind and the Heart,
Seem anything but a team –
So disparate from the start!

In charge of a government
You act in ways discrete.
You are the bane of progress –
The twain that cannot meet.

For my love I had applied
To the Ministry of Hearts
Where my papers were attested
Swiftly in all small parts.

But the Ministry of the Mind
And Department of Delays
Gulped it, and that is where it
Is resting nowadays."

Someone from the Mind stood up
With a well-rehearsed reply,
One hand holding a yellow paper,
The other rubbing a sleepy eye.

"We needed some time for your
Papers to gather dust,
So we sent it to a fellow
In the Ministry of Lust!

Your papers shall pass one day
Give us a little more time.
We cannot pass them so soon.
After all, love is sublime!"