Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Awaken All

Sleep, Dear World, is not a good thing when one sleeps over as many things as we do. Think of my prayer(if answered) not as a curse but a boon .

Dear World, awaken from
Slothful slumber, drudging dream.
Hearken east and hearken west
And heed to my rousing scream.
Set your warming minds aflame.
Get on your feet, march along.
Walk with strength, breathe in peace.
Bring t'your lips a freedomsong.
I, the rhymesmith, scream not for
War or peace or science or art,
And 'tis not for the penniless
That I eke words from my heart.
I only sing - loud, sharp and deep,
So that this World may never sleep.


At 6:26 AM, Blogger Aneesha Pillai said...

beautiful nd inspiring...gr8 blog!!

At 12:39 AM, Anonymous Nikunj said...

Hmm long time since I came here, well three new poems and all of them nice. To be frank, I didn't like "awaken all" that much, but its one line is great: "Walk with strength, breathe in peace.". If you know a bit about taoism, thats what it is all about. In fact, this connects with your poem "Two Halves" perfectly, to which I will get later.

The best one I liked of all three is "The Real Man's Sonnet". The reason IMHO is that its very easy to produce abstract, philosophical verbiage but difficult to write pragmatic things which apply directly to life, have a sound philosophical basis _and_ are simple in content and meaning. Simplicity and Profundity. Thats why I like it the most. And I don't know why you put in the last two lines, they are not needed. You are not being true to the hunter, a hunter won't think philosophically. An almighty god is as philosophical as he should get. Thats why without the last two lines, the poem is perfect.
But the idea is really nice, whats the source ;)?

And now to "Two Halves". Well I read the original poem, yours is really nice! The idea behind this poem is really great. Its common to almost all eastern thought and mystical literature. Duality. This poem is like a Zen Koan. There is no textual answer like in a math exam. For example, if you answer "death", you are missing the point of the poem completely. What the poet is asking is what is the other half of life - which encompasses all of these dualities of pleasure and pain, me and others, etc.? What is required of the reader is to understand the question, the "answer" will dawn automatically.

Nice work!

At 4:15 AM, Blogger Veekays said...

Parth's poems are more like paintings. Exquisite. Am just thrilled. Keep it up.

At 5:59 AM, Blogger WnG said...

artistic... i *almost* got out of my chair. :D:D


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