Sunday, April 09, 2006

Fare Thee Well, Wish Thee Back

Her fingers leapt off mine
Like a butterfly from a shaken petal,
And the cab raced away
Squelching my farewell beneath the tyres.
Were tears outbrimming my eyes?
Or was it the dust bothering them?
If I closed my eyes
Would the dust or tears clear away?
Or better still, could I
Have her come back to me again?


At 12:14 PM, Blogger NN said...

this one's good - some real imagery. senti bu good

At 5:40 AM, Anonymous Mustang lover said...

I congratulate U and thank U for this information.
Mustang lover

At 10:45 AM, Blogger herenow said...

good..very senti..but i like senti, senti is good!

At 5:53 AM, Blogger Shakhi said...

wish i could post a comment on each of ur poems.they are really beautiful.beautiful feelings,beautiful words.

At 1:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dint know u were a poet. this is awesome.


At 11:32 PM, Blogger Ajay said...

Everything leads to the same thing ... pain.
Well written

At 4:13 AM, Blogger Gayathri Gopalakrishnan said...

good stuff paratha... :)


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