Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Deathwish

On that certain summer night
I was simmering with joy.
I was the cowherd of all, or
Maybe just a berserk boy.

I was scampering anywhere,
Any place with a welcome door.
I smelled and saw unparalleled,
I heard sounds like never before.

The hills of Nimai and Nitai,
The valley of Doon in between,
The sloping meadows of Chawat,
I navigated unseen.

Beyond the Girdle were the woods –
The woods of dreams and dread.
I entered it unheeding to
The unending duel in my head.

Therein I embraced the trees and
Lost my dread to crystal joy.
Then I chanced upon the shrine
That captured the berserk boy.

The air was very turbid, with
A cloud of misty fragrance.
A gentle murmur played still
To an all-consuming cadence.

There and then itself I prayed
To God so I, He may fell
And at that place I may find
My grave of sight, sound and smell.


At 8:28 AM, Blogger Braveheart said...

The structure of the last couplet looks quite laboured, but beautiful in thought and content nonetheless.
The rest is a delightful journey! :)

-- Akshaya


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