Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Last Prayer

I am to die my mother
In my service to this land.
God beckons with open arms,
With the angles' dulcet band.

I've done what I cannot say,
There is much yet to be done.
I fall as a soldier but
I know I've not been a son.

As I go I have a prayer,
Not to my God but to you -
The mother I failed to serve,
The one in whose arms I grew.

Hold me mother when I am cold;
Don't torch me in a hurry.
When my soul is at such peace
Why burn me in a flurry?

Put me in the sun, put me
Beneath the glorious sky,
Put me in the attendance
Of Gods in heavens high.

Put me where mortals may see
One that died so others may scheme
Let me mingle with the clay
And percolate in every dream

So one day a world is born
A kingdom of pens not guns
So peace at last may prevail
O'er the bones of many dead sons.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Walk In The Graveyard

I hopped down the road,
I kicked at the stones,
I sang to myself
In slight undertones.

I mocked at the dogs
That stood by my way,
I thrashed away the grass
That di'nt hear my say.

I crossed the brook in
One gigantic stride
And looked at the bridge
With consuming pride.

Till at last I reached
The graveyard of kings -
A place of marble made
With many gilded things.

Here amidst the riches lay
The monarchs of power
Lying in the dust
In their lonliest hour.

What, I asked myself,
Was destiny's true worth?
If at last we were to die
Of what use was our birth?

What in all the wealth
And the power I have found
Will save me from my
Burial in this mortal ground.

The kings slept in peace
'neath their marble headstone
Leaving my humbling self
To answer the unknown.