Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Awaken All

Sleep, Dear World, is not a good thing when one sleeps over as many things as we do. Think of my prayer(if answered) not as a curse but a boon .

Dear World, awaken from
Slothful slumber, drudging dream.
Hearken east and hearken west
And heed to my rousing scream.
Set your warming minds aflame.
Get on your feet, march along.
Walk with strength, breathe in peace.
Bring t'your lips a freedomsong.
I, the rhymesmith, scream not for
War or peace or science or art,
And 'tis not for the penniless
That I eke words from my heart.
I only sing - loud, sharp and deep,
So that this World may never sleep.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Two Halves

Inspired by Nazrul's Adho Dhoroni Alo

Half the world is dark
And half is steeped in day -
The dawn of life sweeps
Shadows of dusk away.

Half of us rejoice
Another half do cry -
We pass from mood to
Mood with one gentle sigh.

Half of love is sweet
And half of bitter kind -
Love and angst will hence
Play checkers in the mind.

If all is ruled by
Two Halves in constant strife,
What, I wonder, is
The other half of life?

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Real Man's Sonnet

I am a hunter, my Lord,
Crouching amid the leaves;
Make me not the timid man
Who lack of riches grieves.
I live by my wooden bow,
A quiver and some aim;
Give me not a life of woe
And chasing lifeless game.
I know when the clouds will rain
And when the fruits are sweet;
Teach me not a lot of what
Others as knowledge treat.

Make me brave, give me love and teach me mortal grace
So i may, in my friends' hearts, find my rightful place.