Saturday, February 04, 2006

Footprints Of Love

She sits below the weepy willow
Waiting with shying eyes
As her lover tries fast to cover
The distance to his prize.
On the way are scattered today,
On this moonlit night,
Many a scene of splendid green
Bathed in silver bright.
Somtimes the bees up in the trees
Seem to dole out a song,
And by chance, deer seem to dance
Even as they hop along.
Run he past though however fast,
He couldn't but stop and see
That nature had with silver clad
A relief of mirth and glee.
He was late to reach his mate
And she had sadly walked away.
So he waited for some time before
He too returned in dismay.
That silver night the lovers planned to fight
With many crafts and hints
While the moon shone in full bloom
On their mingling footprints.