Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Wronged That Live

- dedicated to a dear and wronged friend

The bee just comes and goes -
Nectar a-drunk, petals shaking;
Delirium of love for one,
For another gutless faking...

The gong, the hammer hits,
Not hurting the latter too much;
The gong a-shimmers so
And vibrates at the joyous touch...

The pebble falls on calm
And a-sends the water dancing;
The pebble, so unaware,
It sinks in, never once glancing...

The bee, the hammer, the
Pebble are not cut out to stay,
But are to come and go
And a-fritter their selves away.

The flower, the gong, the
Water a-make the stronger choice -
To bloom, to sing, to quench,
To live on wagers and rejoice.