Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Stupid Village Girl

The Stupid Village Girl

I sat on the rocks drying my body,
When out of the secluded watery retreat,
Came a creation of heavenly rhapsody
Floating towards me on her soft lotus feet.

I had not known when she came
Or where her garments should be;
All I knew was that a beauteous dame
Had sprung a surprise on me.

I could not route an escape
For I could find no path to flee.
So I sat there stoned in ugly shape
As naked as God made me.

Her beauty indeed was immense!
This adorable coveted prize,
Now, unaware of my presence
Offered herself to my eyes.

But oh! Her glance fell on me
And I could hear her skip a beat.
But then she waited thoughtfully
When I expected a hasty retreat.

God knows what spell was cast that night
Which could explain her tomfoolery
For she sprang at me as a wolf might
And kissed my mouth in a hurry.

Before I could fathom
What had happened to me
I jumped in to the bosom
Of the lake, most hastily.

I had left her in a swirl,
I had left her looking agog,
For she was a stupid village girlAnd I, an ugly croaking frog.


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